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Projects   –   Telewebinar

Interactive TV/Telewebinar

Telewebinar is an interactive Internet TV broadcasting with the ability to communicate with the audience through video, voice and text chats.

Telewebinar combines technological opportunities of television and Internet.

Telewebinar is significantly superior to any other videoconferencing in terms of features and cost-effectiveness.

Application area of Telewebinar: promotion of goods and services, distance learning, corporate interactive communication, interactive television broadcasting.

The basic features:

1. Broadcast from TV studio to Internet;

2. Using the TV studio of virtual reality provides integration hosts in a 3-dimensional virtual space in real time;

3. Remote control of Telewebinar through Internet including studio complex;

4. Using by hosts MS PowerPoint presentations during broadcast from the studio of virtual reality;

5. Communication with the audience through video, voice and text chats;

6. Selection from the 10 types (interfaces) of Telewebinar viewing;

7. View Telewebinar on mobile devices iPhone/iPad/Android;

8. Record Telewebinars in archive for later viewing;

9. Online advertising: banners, pre-roll video;

10.Voting and surveys.

The project Telewebinar implements service "Portable interactive Internet TV broadcasting" allowing to organize Internet TV broadcasting of the customer with the quality up to the HDTV from anywhere in the world with Internet access.

It is an ideal cost-effective solution for broadcasters wishing to get online videos from all over the world with high quality.

Business models of interaction with the audience using technology Telewebinar:

1. Free access to the service without registration;

2. Free access to the service with registration;

3. Paid access to the service with registration;

4. Access with the payment of parts of services with registration.

Minimum conditions for participation in Telewebinar:

1) Installed Adobe Flash Player version 9 (to install the component from Adobe Press);

2) The presence of speakers, headphones or built-in speaker;

3) Speed of Internet connection:

- minimum - from 256 kb/s;

- recommended - from 512 kb/s or more.

To participate in the video chat additionally requires web-camera with integrated or separate microphone.