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For operators   –   Via Internet

HD Media holding offers the rights to broadcast in cable, satellite, IPTV and OTT networks of 14 (fourteen) TV channels:

HD Media channel (secrets of our planet and man, beauty, science); KinoMenu HD (new HD trailers); HD Media 3D (unique spectacular stereo content); Unknown planet (mysteries of nature and history, culture and art, human superpowers); Movie Classic (masterpieces of world cinema); Bunny Tales (calm video series, the spellbinding voice of the narrator); Soviet movie(legendary movies and TV series); Soviet cartoons (we all love them); Terra Incognita (“about visible and invisible”); Joy Cook (visual cooking), Perpetuum Mobile (transport, travel, ecology); Movie Season (foreign series); Kids Movie (feature films about teenagers and for teenagers); Anima Season (favorite animated and feature films).

The cost of rights to 1 (one) channel for the Operator is from 1.9 RUB per month per subscriber, with a minimum warranty of 3990 RUB per month for the channel. Significant discounts can be provided depending on the number of subscribers (users) and the number of selected channels.

Channels broadcasting is round-the-clock with worldwide distribution rights. Catch up, Time shifting and other rights may be granted.

For free testing it is possible to provide HLS or RTMP links to the TV channel stream during the week.

TV channels are distributed in local networks and popular OTT services: ViNTERA.TV, Yandex, Roku, etc.

There are significant (up to 40%) discounts depending on the number of selected channels.

How to connect to HD Media TV channels?

1. Through the Internet. Technical parameters of TV channel signals when connected via the Internet: 2-4 Mbit / s, MPEG-4, 720p / 25, unicast.

2. Through the international traffic exchange node MMTS-9 (6th floor, room 38, 6 row, 12th place) through the network of operators present at the international traffic exchange node MMTS-9.

3. If necessary, the multicast stream of any HD Media Media channel can be provided to an operator anywhere in Russia.

For more information, contact tel. +7 (495) 741-75-52 or write to

e-mail: info@hdmedia.ru.