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for TV channels

We offer for thematic and regional TV channels for distribution both via OTT technology (Internet TV) and in the traditional environment (cable networks, IPTV, via satellite) television content of the following topics:

1) "Unknown Planet". Author, educational, educational, documentaries about the beauty and mysteries of nature, the secrets of antiquity, the achievements of technology and the paradoxical abilities of man, ways to promote health and prolong life, the history of culture and art.

2) "Tales of the peoples of the world." Gentle voice of the narrator, calm video will help everyone who brings up children - both at home and in children's educational institutions. Eternal values and ideals that are honored by their parents and grandparents are passed on to children in a fascinating form.

Rights to distribute content may be granted in Russia, CIS / Baltic countries, as well as throughout the world.

The cost of rights to distribute content depends on the number of purchased items, duration, territory and methods of distribution. 

The estimated cost of granting rights for 1 year without limiting the number, method and territory of playout is:

• On the subject of "Unknown Planet" - 39,000 rubles. for 10 hours.

• On the subject of "Tales of the peoples of the world" - 27,500 rubles for 5 hours.

When purchasing large quantities, additional discounts may be provided.

Please call +7 (495) 741-75-52 or write e-mail: info@hdmedia.ru.